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Yuba Fest 2019 Entomology Workshops


Yuba Fest 2019 Entomology Clinic

As fly fishers, learning about the aquatic insects that live in the Lower Yuba River and subsequently the bugs that trout and steelhead eat to survive is the ticket to success when fly fishing.

Yuba Fest 2019 will feature entomology workshops for adult fly fishers and for kids. The participants of the workshop shall screen and capture aquatic insects living in the river, identify them, and then we will show you fly patterns to match them.

The entomology workshops will be hosted by fly fishers that have lots of experience identifying bugs on the Lower Yuba River.

Don't miss this opportunity to learn more about the Lower Yuba River. Help to conserve and protect this precious resource. Bring you kids or grand-kids to the Yuba Fest 2019.

So Save the Date for Yuba Fest 2019
October 12, 2019
Sycamore Ranch County Park
9am to 4pm

You can visit the Gold Country Fly Fishers at

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Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Yuba Fest Youth Fly Fishing

Yuba Fest 2019 Youth Fly Fishing Program
Where: Sycamore Ranch County Park
5390 Highway 20, Browns Valley, CA
When: October 12, 2019
Time: 9:00 am to 4:00 pm
Fee - Its a free event

The Yuba Fest Youth Fly Fishing component is a youth fly fishing program initiated by the Northern California Council Fly Fishing International (NCCFFI) and the Gold Country Fly Fishers which is dedicated to developing and enabling a new generation of fly fishers and conservation minded youth and to encourage them to love and protect the waters that nourish fish and people.

Our Vision
Our vision is to develop our youth into skilled, confident, caring leaders who love the outdoors and fly fishing, invigorate fly fishing clubs, gain recognition for their achievements and contributions to our communities, advocate for conservation, and share their knowledge and values with other youth.

Our Values

  • Teaching Awareness
  • Connecting to Community and others
  • Establishing Confidence
  • Teaching to Focus
  • Inclusion with peers and society
  • Teaching Leadership skills
  • Learning Patience
  • Teaching respect of others
  • Sharing life skills.
Why It Matters
Character Development

Kids thrive on adventure and discovery, they grow in character through fun experiences in the outdoors, and become aware and responsible by caring for more than themselves. That is what fly fishing is all about, it's the perfect medium for this journey.

  • Discover: The Yuba Fest Youth Program is not about lectures. It's about developing skills and knowledge through hands-on experiences that stimulate the imagination for a lifetime of learning and enjoyment in the outdoors.
  • Connect: Fly fishing is not about a virtual reality. It's about real interaction with other youth, with family, and with nature. Try connecting with a fish on a fly, and you'll see why!
  • Protect: It's not about taking. It;s about taking care. Today's youth are the leaders of tomorrow. The more they know, the better they'll enjoy and protect the waters that nourish fish and people.

The Yuba Fest Program

What is fly Fishing?: The youth in attendance will learn about the equipment that is used when fly fishing and how in differs from conventional fishing methods. They will learn about the fly fishing "Catch and Release" ethic.

Fly Casting: The participants will learn how to cast a fly rod and the principles of what makes a fly rod and fly line work.

Bugs: Fish eat bugs. We will examine bugs that have been collected from the river and will see what they look like, how they move and how to imitate them with flies. 

Fly Tying: When you fly fish you use artificial flies that imitate the bugs that the fish eat. The youth in attendance will tie flies that match aquatic insects.

What does this cost?

Fee? - There is no fee for the program.

Sign Up by Phone - You can sign up for the Youth Fly Fishing Program by calling  Clay Hash at 530-913-1334

Need More Info? - Email Clay Hash at

You can show up on the day of the event, October 12, 2019, at Sycamore Ranch County Park, located at 5390 Hi 20, Browns Valley, CA. The event starts at 9:00 am to goes to 4:00 pm.

Other Important Information

  • All youth participants must have a parent or legal guardian present during the Youth Fly Fishing event.
  • Yuba Fest will provide all of the equipment for the event. All you need to bring is water, sunscreen and a pair of sunglasses.
So Come to Yuba Fest 2019
Mark the Date and Join the Fun!

You can visit the Gold Country Fly Fishers at

You can visit the NCCFFI at


Monday, August 26, 2019

A Conversation with Clay Hash

A conversation with Clay Hash, NCCFFI Vice President of Communications and Outreach and Chairman of Yuba Fest 2019. 

Hello, I’m Larry Strauss, and I’d like to introduce Clay Hash. I am on the board of the Northern California Council Fly Fishers International along with Clay. I am having a conversation with Clay who is the chairman of Yuba Fest 2019. Clay is also a Past President of the Gold Country Fly Fishers and is the owner of Fly Fishing Traditions, a co-host of the Yuba Fest 2019 event.

{Larry): Clay, what is Yuba Fest 2019?
(Clay): Yuba Fest 2019 is a gathering of people celebrating the Yuba River watershed. People passionate about fly fishing, conservation projects, education and sharing a sense of community are invited to come.

(Larry): Is this the first time the event has taken place?
(Clay): This will be the second annual Yuba Fest. The first event took place in October of 2018.

(Larry): Where and when does Yuba Fest 2019 take place?
(Clay): This year, Yuba Fest 2019 takes place at Sycamore Ranch County Park on the Lower Yuba River. It will take place on October 12th from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm.

(Larry): Who are the hosts of Yuba Fest 2019?
(Clay): The co-hosts of Yuba Fest 2019 are Fly Fishing Traditions, my educational fly fishing guide service, Gold Country Fly Fishers, the fly fishing club that calls the Yuba its home river, and the Northern California Council of Fly Fishers International (NCCFFI), representing fly fishing clubs from Northern California. The Gold Country Fly Fishers helped tremendously last year and are also helping this year. NCCFFI is a new co-host for the event and is promoting fly fishing clubs from Northern California and Western Nevada to attend.

(Larry): What will be happening at Yuba Fest 2019?
(Clay): There will be many activities for attendees including; 1) a Women’s Connect gathering for women fly fishers of all levels of experience; 2) a series of exploratorium like fly fishing stations for fly fishers of all ages and skill levels. 3) Fly fishing casting instruction as well as chances to achieve a Fly Fishing International recognized bronze or silver casting credentials; 4) Fly Tying demonstrations by expert fly tiers, and 5) information about the organizations working to enhance and preserve the Yuba River watershed.

(Larry): That is a full agenda. Are there any other activities planned?
(Clay): Yes indeed. We have planned an Afterparty to be held at 5:30 pm at the 1849 Brewing Company in Grass Valley. Even though the day will be full, we ask attendees to join us for an informal social gathering of friends. There will be live music with the rock band "Non-GMO" to entertain those that attend. It will be a fun conclusion to the event. Everyone should try to come. It will be a lot of fun. There will be no charge, just a request for a $10 donation to cover the cost of the band. There will also be a live auction where people can bid on donated guide trips and lessons and also fly fishing gear. Proceeds to go to future local Gold Country Fly Fishers Youth Fly Fishing Programs.

(Larry): Who is encouraged to attend Yuba Fest 2019?
(Clay): The co-hosts of Yuba Fest 2019 encourage members of fly fishing clubs from all over Northern California and Western Nevada to attend. Any person interested in fly fishing, whether you are just curious about fly fishing, just getting started, or an experienced fly fisher. A special invitation goes out to our youth and women to come and participate in activities especially designed for you. There is something for just about anyone.

(Larry): Who is the keynote speaker at Yuba Fest 2019?
(Clay): Mark Rockwell, president of the Northern California Council of Fly Fishers International, will speak at 12:00 noon on Conservation, Education, and Community as it relates to our Northern California fly fishers. Mark has a history of involvement with conservation issues and is a long time fly fisher.

(Larry): Which conservation groups will be at Yuba Fest 2019?
(Clay): We are currently working on that. We have invited groups such as the South Yuba River Citizens League (SYRCL), Sierra Streams, Trout Unlimited, and Cal Trout to attend.

(Larry): For someone looking to improve their fly fishing skills, what can they expect to learn at the Yuba Fest 2019 event?
(Clay): There will be a lot. There will be professional fly tiers to show you their expert tying techniques. There will be presentations by professional guides about how and when to fish the Yuba River. There will be fly casters to help you improve your fly casting. For the youth there will be a complete program to introduce the participants to the world of fly fishing.

(Larry): What food and beverages will be available at the event?
(Clay): There will be gourmet hot dogs, chips, water, and soft drinks available for purchase. All the youth attending or participating in the Youth Fly Fishing Program will receive a free hot dog lunch.

(Larry): What does it cost to attend the event?
(Clay): Yuba Fest 2019 is free to attend and participate. There will be a donation jar to help pay for the costs of the event, no obligation, just a friendly request.

(Larry): Clay, on behalf of Northern California and Western Nevada fly fishers, thanks for letting us know about Yuba Fest 2019. It looks to be a fun event for most everyone. For updates and answers to frequently asked questions, go to

You can visit the Gold Country Fly Fishers at

You can visit the NCCFFI at

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